​When in operation, Brenda Mines was greatly involved with the local community. Not only did it provide over 300 jobs, but it supported many community initiatives. For example, important financial contributions were made to help build the Peachland tennis courts as well as Turner Park.

A significant contribution was the Peachland Lake reservoir, which was transferred to the Peachland Irrigation District for $1 after the mine closed. Today, this reservoir forms an important part of Peachland’s water supply.

Kokanee Spawning

In support of the BC Environmental Stewardship Program, Brenda tries to schedule treated effluent discharge during the Kokanee Spawning run in Trepanier Creek from early September to mid-October. Additional flows in Trepanier Creek facilitate their annual journey up the stream, hence contributing to Okanagan wide efforts at re-establishing Kokanee populations.