The Permit

Permit 263 for Brenda Mines was issued and amended by the BC Ministry of Environment under the provisions of the Waste Management Act. All precipitation (both rain and snowmelt) that comes into contact with exposed rock areas on the closed mine site are collected and stored in the open pit and tailings pond.

The purpose of the Permit is to authorize the treatment and discharge of the stored precipitation in the pit and tailings pond. The plant reduces the concentration of molybdenum from approximately 2.75 mg/L to less than the permitted limit of 0.25 mg/L. Thanks to the better than expected performance of the treatment process, the molybdenum level in the effluent is less than 0.06 mg/L.

A permit was issued on July 15, 1997 authorizing discharge of treated water into MacDonald Creek which flows into Trepanier Creek and then into Okanagan Lake. The Permit was most recently amended on August 29, 2019.

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Water Treatment Process

The treatment plant was constructed and commissioned in 1998.

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Water Management

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